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We Make Your Cycling Easy


An eBike gives you an extra push, this way we are able to include everyone, independently from your physical condition you will achieve the goal of eBiking  around Ecuador





The best way to visit ecuador is using an electro e-bike is to include everyone to achieve goals that by physical condition and the reliefs of Ecuador could not do it. Going up and down in the heights of the Tropical Andes sometimes makes us surf, but the electro-cycles help us%, with it we can visit places that would be almost impossible with the typical bicycles. With training and experience, the e-bikers guides are qualified to safely and efficiently solve the e-bike tours to always take care of the safety of their clients and of themselves. And above all to enjoy our e-bike tours around our volcanoes.

Each of our tours is aimed at distributing the income item for tourism. We put a broad knowledge base of history, geography, archeology, volcanology, cuisine, biology, botany and above all our goal is the re-discovery of a megadiverso Ecuador. We have 1700 species of birds, 4300 species of orchids and more than 22 thousand species of plants. The most important thing is our people, with 14 different languages ​​in 33 climatic floors. With all this, we must do sustainable work. It is the country of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, passion fruit, fruit juices, legumes, quinoa, bananas, seafood, tamales. We have everything … to share and that our people accumulate knowledge that we are very lucky..