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Ecuador 7 Days

Ecuador ebike 7days

Ecuador 7 Days

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Ebike tour around Ecuador. There are 7 days through valleys, lagoons, hot springs, volcanoes, shelters. We start in Quito, passing through Mindo, Otavalo, Cotopaxi, Quilotoa and ending in Chimborazo. Every day is from 5 to 7 hours.

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From Quito to the Andean crash in Mindo. From Mindo to Otavalo to go up to the Cayambe refuge, and then continue to Cotopaxi and Quilotoa. Then a transfer to Riobamba to go up to 4800 meters and go down to the route of the hieleros.

This program is based on cyclists who will be able to maintain a strong pace and with a lot of physical exertion. They have to come in very good condition that allows them to endure long days on ebikes and long connecting routes, to start the next stage. That means few hours of dreams, few days to enjoy incredible landscapes every day. From the first day we started strong, the second is long and the third is only medium with a swim in the river. The fourth day is again strong until day 7.











DAY 1 - e-bike city tour Quito

Day 1: Sunday Quito City tour Quito includes: Panecillo historic center, Alameda parks, el ejido, Carolina. End the first day in the metropolitan park. 30km Height 2800 to 3100m

DAY 2 - Ebike tour Mindo

Día 2: Lunes Mindo Ruta del colibrí Salida de Quito hasta la entrada a Yanacocha. A los 3000 metros iniciamos nuestro ascenso a la reserva de Yanacocha. Luego iniciamos el descenso hasta Tandayapa. Para iniciar otro ascenso corto para pasar por Bellavista. Luego continuamos hasta San Tadeo, donde embarcamos nuestras ebike hasta el poblado de Mindo. 60km. Alturas 3100- 3400 1500metros Hostal Biohostal

DAY 3 - ebike Mindo Cotopaxi's Way

Day 3: Tuesday Mindo Pedregal Ebike tour to the butterfly garden, which is the route that takes us to the Solaya River. Beautiful journey without traffic and full of jungle. Incredible water and vegetation. Time for a swim in the river. Return by ebike to Mindo. Then we take our transportation to head towards Quito. 20km Heights 1600 -1000- 1600 meters Hotel Finland

DAY 4 - Ebike on the way to join Cotopaxi

Day 4: Wednesday Cotopaxi Departure very early to take the route of the volcanoes, entering through El Valle de los Chillos, we continue to the Pedregal where we stay in one of the hotels in the region. 40km Heights 2800 to 3700 meters. Hosteria los Mortiños

DAY 5 - ebike tour around Cotopaxi

Day 5: Thursday Cotopaxi toacazo Entrance to Cotopaxi National Park. Tour around the park. If possible we go up to the refuge on foot. We leave the park to head towards Toacazo where we will stay. 50km heights 3700 - 4800 - 3000 meters. lodging house

DAY 6 - Ebike to Quilotoa

Day 6: Friday Quilotoa Tour to the Quilotoa volcano, possible arrival at the edge of the volcano Continuation to the city of Ambato 60km Heights 3000 meters to 3900 meters. Florida Hotel

DAY 7 - Ebike to Chimborazo

Día 7: Sabado Chimborazo Quito o destinación final Ebike tour desde la entrada del parque hasta el primer refugio. Luego a pie de posible subimos al segundo refugio. Retorno al parqueadero y continuación para realizar nuestro ebike tour alrededor del Chimborazo. Al final de la tarde retorno a la ciudad de Quito. 30km. Alturas 4300- 5000 - 3300 metros

Fabulous bike around the city seeing sights that we probably wouldn’t of done without the ebike and Jose’ knowledge. We learnt lots of facts about Quito and Ecuador, stopped to taste chocolate, eat Ecuadorian food and drink a coffee. Loved that water and entrance fees were included. Jose was a great guide and lots of fun, we felt safe biking around the city and the bikes make it easy to go up the hills. Can highly recommend this tour


I love discover the world !


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The best experience around all of Ecuador. It's 15 days of ebike adventure


EL Antisana is one of the least visited and most beautiful. It is an escape very close to Quito to observe Condors, hummingbirds, deer, etc. Honestly, it's the one we like the most.


This route is really worth knowing. It is a wonderful route towards a spectacular constant change of landscapes