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In a city in the middle of the mountains, the solution for walking with our children is ebikes. We have everything so that your children can live the same experience as their parents.

Quito is located at 2,890 meters above sea level in a valley full of ups and downs. If our friends arrive from sea level. Ebikes help us enjoy this beautiful city full of history


Well, after the pandemic we had these parents find us to take their children on a city tour with ebikes. We are prepared with all the implements to take your children safely. Our bicycles are of German origin and can easily withstand the harsh conditions of Quito.
In addition, in Quito we have cycle paths that allow us to circulate safely on ebikes.


All our tourists are special. But, your children are the most important tourists we can serve. The security of using specialized and very good quality bicycles allows us to have the security of a service that allows us to ride with your responsibility, which becomes ours.

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