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New Routes

In Ecuador we always have the possibility of finding unexplored by our tourists. Ebikes are great for finding new destinations

New directions, new routes await us in Ecuador. A small territory as large as the state of Colorado in the United States. It is half the territory of all of France. Small in relation to many countries, but actually very large in biodiversity.


Each of our tours is aimed at distributing the income item for tourism. We put a broad knowledge base of history, geography, archeology, volcanology, cuisine, biology, botany and above all our goal is the re-discovery of a megadiverse Ecuador. In Ecuador, we have 1700 species of birds, 4300 species of orchids and more than 22 thousand species of plants. The most important thing is our people, with 14 different languages ​​in 33 climatic floors. With all this, we must do sustainable work. It is the country of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, passion fruit, fruit juices, legumes, quinoa, bananas, seafood, tamales. We have everything … to share and that our people accumulate knowledge that we are very lucky.


The special thing for more tourists on ebikes is that we can stop anywhere to observe and share our knowledge about plants, orchids, birds, insects, ecosystems, etc. Taking into account that Ecuador loves life and in that line we take care of our country with national parks and reserves. In Ecuador we have 90% of electricity comes from hydroelectric dams. It means that it is a clean country that takes advantage of its resources. We do not use energy from nuclear reactors

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